On August 15, 2009, Tommy and Nicole finished moving in to their new apartment in Mamaroneck, NY. That evening they went to dinner at a local french restaurant. Tommy and Nicole both love french food and Nicole was excited to have a "date night" in their new town. Although the restaurant was packed they managed to get a perfect seat in the middle of the bistro. As they ate their delicious dinner, the topic of marriage came up and Tommy told her that he didn't want to get married until their son was at least 5. This caught Nicole off guard, but instead of ruining a perfect evening she decided to save the marriage conversation for later.

Dessert came out and a note was placed next to Nicole. The front of the note read, "Please Open" and inside it read, "Will You Marry Me?". In shock Nicole looked up to see Tommy on his knee in front of her. He said, "Tonight is the first night in our new home and I want it to be the first night of the rest of our lives, will you marry me?" Nicole started crying and of course said yes and Tommy placed the beautiful ring on her finger. The patrons and waitstaff began cheering and sent well wishes{and champagne}. Tommy had successfully surprised the typically nosey Nicole!!!